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We are becoming more and more popular. People search Google for "playstation 3 diablo 3 guild" and we are the first link ( Console Forum Thread) that pops up. The thread there is already over 400 views and 6 pages long. With our member base rising, we are starting to get questions and/or concerns about rules or regulations, we'd like to clarify those things for all the members we are starting to get or anyone already here that may be wondering.


Rules & Expectations

The Dark Knights is a legit based guild. It is a community of like-minded gamers that they can call home, group up, and have fun with. Whether it's in-game slaying monsters, on a guild / clan supported forum to create strategies, builds, or trade their hard earned finds.

The Dark Knights guild, as a whole, holds its values seriously. We do not condone the use of non-legit items or participating in non-legit play while online. Modding, hacking, and duping is extremely frowned upon in this community, regardless of the reasoning behind it. we, the leadership, have nothing against those who want to do these things, but strictly during offline mode - if you plan to become and stay a member of this Guild / Clan. We see it as you spent the money on the game, so you have the right to play it how you like. The only thing is, we also spent money on the game and we choose to play legit. So if you are a member and play online, you are expected to play legit.

Members like to jump in and out of each-others games, so if you're cheating the system or taking advantage of our guild, chances are we'll find out. So don't do it!

Many of us here are more than willing to help. Whether its to power level you in a legit fashion through the game or help gear you up with legit gear very easily in order to grant you access to "end game" and farming status if that is your desire. There is no excuse to dupe, mod, hack, or cheat in any way, shape, or form. If you disagree with this, then you should not have joined or attempt to apply.

We will not discriminate against one player or the next, but as a request from the leadership team and members of TDK, we ask that you please be a legit player if you plan to apply. If you choose to not play legit, then feel free to move along and look elsewhere for another community that allows it.


Guidelines For Existing Members

First and foremost, you are free to help anyone and become friends with whomever you want through this guild. With that being said, some new members may slip through that intend to just get the help they want, then seclude themselves from the rest of the guild. To combat this, we highly recommend getting to know each-other and verify this person is someone who is not just using you or other members for their own personal gains.

Please provide help to newer members at your own risk. It's extremely unfortunate, but if it happens, report it so that the appropriate actions can take place. Please be advised that your generosity will not go unnoticed, we just want you to be cautious.

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